Fill your belly. Warm your soul.

Our menu is inspired by the vast variety nature has on offer, turning simple ingredients into an exciting food adventure. Driven by offering an exceptional experience, our chefs continuously innovate to deliver the most wholesome meals.

GF – Gluten Free | EF – Egg Free | DF – Dairy Free | NF – Nut Free


Avocado & Tomato $18 – Organic sourdough, macadamia nut butter, lemon oil + dukkha EF DF – NF Vegan (GF option)
Ricotta Pancakes $18 – Deliciously stacked with berry compote, organic Coconut yoghurt, maple syrup, fresh organic banana, Nut crumble, fairy floss and mint.
Zucchini + Potato Rosti $18 – On organic greens, herb aioli & beetroot hummus, avocado, Lemon oil and macadamia nut dukkha
GF EF DF Vegan. NF optional
Organic Sourdough Waffle $16 – with maple bacon, vanilla mascarpone, lemon curd and strawberries, mint and edible flowers
Chilli Scrambled Eggs $18 – soft scrambled w/grilled tomatoes, chorizo crumb, Meredith goat cheese + fried shallots on Organic sourdough.
NF GF optional
Purgatory $18 – Spicy jalape o beef, beans in a tomato sauce
add 1 poached egg & goats cheese + sourdough NF GF optional
Scrambled Tofu $18 – scrambled hot smoked tofu in coconut turmeric cream w/roasted peppers, onion, and tomato + sweet potato and organic sourdough EF DF Vegan GF optional
Free Range Eggs $14 – Poached – Fried or Soft Scrambled on organic sourdough w/organic greens and kasundi relish NF GF Optional
Eggs Benny $18 – Poached free-range eggs + organic greens on organic sourdough + hollandaise sauce. NF GF optional
add Free range Bacon or ‘Hot Smoked’ Salmon + $6.
Ground Bowl $22 – Organic greens, zucchini noodles, brown rice, roasted pumpkin, shiitake mushroom + miso dressing.
Your choice of chicken, hot smoked salmon or smoked tofu. GF EF DF NF Vegan
Free Range Beef and Bacon Burger $19 – w/organic tomato, onion, cheese, smokey tomato relish & pickle aioli, organic greens on milk bun + roasted potatoes, slaw and dill pickle. GF optional
Chicken Burger $19 – poached chicken, crispy bacon, grilled pineapple, parmesan, organic greens + siracha slaw on a milk bun side of roasted potatoes and dill pickle. GF optional
Breakfast Burger $16 – Jalapeno beef patty + scrambled egg, swiss cheese, chilli jam & garlic yoghurt, organic greens on milk bun.
Organic Toast 2 Slices $10.5 –– fruit and nut loaf w/Cinnamon butter Organic oat granola $16
Organic Oat Granola $14 – toasted oats, almonds, dried pear, fig, cranberry and currents & topped w/ coyo, pear, strawberries and honey.
Your choice of milk on side. EF DF
BLT $14 – Free range bacon, heirloom tomatoes, organic greens and truffle mayo on milk bun. GF optional
Kiddos Under 12. $12 –
Scrambled eggs on sourdough.
2 stack pancakes w/ice cream and maple syrup.
Free range bacon $7
Mushroom $6
Hot Smoked Salmon $6
Avocado $5
Free range eggs (1) $3. (2) $6.
Free range scrambled eggs (2) $7
Roasted Tomatoes $4
1 Slice of organic Sourdough toast $4
Chicken $6
Hot smoked Tofu $6


Banana smoothie $9 – Organic milk, yoghurt, ice cream +honey. GF
Strawberry smoothie $9 – Strawberries, Pineapple & coconut + strawberry sorbet – Vegan GF
The mermaid smoothie $11 – Organic coconut milk, banana, blue spirulina & maple syrup topped with berries, coconut and almond flakes.
– Vegan GF
Milkshakes $8.5 – Organic milk + vanilla ice cream GF
Chocolate strawberry caramel espresso vanilla
Organic sparkling drinks $4.60 – available from drinks fridge
Cold pressed juice $9.5 – see our daily cold pressed juice board.
Creaming soda $8 – In tall glass over ice
Iced Coffee / Chocolate / Mocha. $9 Organic milk, ice cream, ice + fresh cream
Iced Latte $6.5
Iced Cold Brew $6.5
Iced Chai $6.5

Organic Tea – Pot $6.50

Organic loose-leaf tea
English breakfast
Earl Grey
Green tea with cinnamon and Cardamon
Sticky wet Prana chai tea brewed with your choice of milk

Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Espresso $3.6
Latte $4.6
Flat white $4.6
Piccolo $4.1
Cappuccino $4.6
Long black $4.6
Chai latte $5.6

Organic Hot Cacao’ Chocolate by Cosecha Organics $5.6 – or salted caramel hot chocolate (marshmallows optional)
Ginger Snap Latte made on Chai $5.6
Golden Latte or Velvet Latte $ 6.6 – made on coconut milk + maple syrup

Rosemary & Cucumber Tonic $6 A dry zesty non-alcoholic refresher
Virgin Piña Colada $8 Clovendoe botanic distilled gin, non alcoholic, pineapple & coconut over ice
Virgin Foghorn $8 Clovendoe botanic distilled gin, non alcoholic, ginger beer and lime over ice.
Pink Punch $14 Moscato, vodka, organic lemonade, ice and berries.
Capricorn Spiced Rum $12 ginger ale and lime.
Margarita $14 Tequila + triple sec, sugar syrup, mr.c over ice + fresh lime.

On Tap

ORGANIC Kombucha $9
Black hops MID RANGE 3.5% $9
Black hops GINGER CIDER 4.5% $9


Cleopatra Chardonnay $9 /$18
Muddled up Moscato $9 /$18
Ranga Riesling $18
IV sister sparkling $24 – Vanden Estate
Sauvignon Blanc $9/$18 – Tread softly
Rose $9/$18 – Tread softly


Tempranillo $24
Stephens Shiraz $9 / $20
Dutchman’s Durit. $24
Fitoussi Fortified $25 – Vanden Estate